About us

I have been breeding my main breeds; Shetland sheepdogs, Tibetan mastiffs and Flatcoated retrievers since 1995.


Later I have also had litters in Tibetan spaniels and Whippets. My aim is to produce functional, beautiful and healthy representatives of each breed.


I do also export occasionally and since I have a boarding kennel as well, it is rather easy for me to keep the dogs as long as needed for each country.


I also do showhandling and can keep dogs for a longer period of time in order to get whatever is aimed for. This is especially convenient when having dogs from abroad for show.

Nada Sandberg

Näsintie 125, 25640 FÖRBY, Suomi / Finland


+358 40-7277922 / Nada       



 We speak english,    Vi talar svenska

Kysy lisää   + 358 40 7277922

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